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2012-07-05 17:28:14 by deXXaReDD

I've been getting comments about my videos about how I have no creativity in them and that they look fake. Well first of alli have a unique style in my videos and i don't use adobe flash professional to make them. I use openlaszlo. Comment if you like.

Plz check out my first movie

2012-07-03 16:22:30 by deXXaReDD

Plz check it out. It's called "The Original Sonic" and its pretty cool thanx. Plz make suggestions on it to make it better

Plz check out my first movie

HeY! EvErYoNe!!! Hows it goin? This is my first post on newgrounds, so psyched to be here. I'll try to post some audio or digitized pics i have made. COOLIO!!!